Automotive Window Film

Improve your driving experience with VORRA® window film

What is window tinting
There is no doubt one of the reason people bought window tinting for car is because of the sun light. Sunlight can be categorised into 3 major component visible light, ultraviolet light, and infrared radiation.

So, basically, automotive window tinting keeps the visible light as different percentages of transmittance affect the darken of your car, while keeping away 99% of the ultraviolet light and using either reflection or absorption the sunlight on reducing the heat which is infrared radiation.
Nano sputtered
As the advance technology and window tinting become better, one of the best windows tinting you can find is the nana sputtered. Basically, this technology not only spray aluminium on the window tinting to reduce the heat and nano sputtered with magnesium, titanium, sliver, and a lot of materials to increasingly reduce at least 95% of infrared light but also make in long-lasting and more beauty.
Nano Ceramic
Nano ceramic is also one of the highest leading windows tinting product. It is more futuristic product meaning to say it is still developing and normally it has more visibility, and it will not affect the signal of the car because of the material ceramic. It also has a good heat reduction and have its own authentic beauty.
Ceramic Coating
Beside window tinting, we also offer ceramic coating due to its popularity and large crowd. Well, high-quality ceramic paint coatings make your car in good shape, easier to clean, and paint protection. Most importantly, it is cost effective for your long run.

Benefits of window film

energy efficient

Energy efficient

One of the biggest window films is energy efficiency. As above we mentioned before, window tinting helps decrease the temperature that you only need lesser air corn compared to without the window films, so it led to decrease the fuel consumption.


Another great benefit of window is the privacy that it provides. Nobody want a window that is fully see able inside the car right, that window films come to helps. Some of the VIP extremely privacy darkest can go beyond your imagination that you never need to worry about the outside.
glare reduction

Glare reduction

One of the biggest uncomfortable driving experiences is having a big shinny sunlight that is dazzling. With window films, better than nothing right, it improves the visibility of your screen by reducing glare especially for those who are driving a lot in the daylight.

Return of Investment

In addition to all the previous benefits listed, adding window films to your car can have a nice effect on the long run, just like smartphone you will likely buy a phone case for your lovely item. Thinking about that a window film make your driver and passenger more comfortable and it only cost one time with long period of warranty, worth it right, we know you are the super smart consumer.