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Malaysia is a tropical country enjoys with a 30 °C average throughout the year. It is encouraged to have some degree of protection on sunlight, which the infrared light will increase the temperature and ultraviolet light damage your skin, however we need visible light, certain light for our vision. Don’t worry, our choices of VORRA® series cover all the degree to ensure our customer to get the preferable choice.
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The latest in solar rejection technology designed to effectively block out harmful rays, greatly minimize heat within the cabin and made to prevent fading over time.

VORRA’s sputtered films are created in a tank holding metal ingots fed with film and pressurized to create a vacuum. Argon gas is then pumped into the tank, heating the ingots and causing the metallic particles to rise and cover the film’s surface evenly.

The metal layer is extremely fine (down to one-hundredths the thickness of human hair), and it’s highly effective at blocking certain radiation bands from direct sunlight. VORRA’s sputtered film produces minimal mirror effect, color shifting, and heat absorption while retaining high reflectivity of radiation.