Residential Window Film

Bring comfortable for your house with VORRA® window film

Solar Window Tinting
Solar window tinting has solar control properties which allow it to work around the clock and manage the temperature in your building, whatever the weather or external conditions. This ensures you get the same benefits of double glazing with reduced costs on energy bills. Besides that, this window also will protect you on against damaging ultraviolet rays and it allow tons of natural light passing the window.
Safety Window Tinting
VORRA® Safety Window Film applied to glass will make it more difficult for the glass to shatter. If it does shatter, it will hold the glass together to prevent injury from broken shards. Glass treated with this film is rendered compliant with health and safety regulations and will provide the same level of protection as heat strengthened and toughened.
Privacy Window Tinting
When applied to a window, this film gives the glass a ‘sandblasted’ effect meaning that vision is obscured from both sides of the glass. Frosted window film is available in various patterns and can add a cost-effective, elegant look to your windows while maintaining privacy. In a residential environment, privacy film is an excellent alternative to net curtains or blinds. It is often seen on bathroom windows and doors where complete privacy is required.

Benefits of residential window film



Privacy is often an issue for those who don’t want neighbours or strangers overlooking their homes. Our privacy window film delivers the same results as privacy glass at a lower cost and aesthetics. We offer a wide range of finishes, including our popular frosted window film with various patterned and tinted features, which can also be applied to your private place such as bathroom windows.
heat control

Heat Control

Most commonly an issue in conservatories or other glazed rooms, heat build-up can often become uncomfortable. Our residential window film has solar control properties, meaning that it reduces the amount of excessive heat in the warmer season and maintains appropriate temperature levels in the cool night.


Our residential window film will enable you to feel safer in your home by protecting your glass windows. Safety window tinting is a great solution for those with children and pets who are concerned about dangerous window shattering, acting as an invisible barrier that holds the glass together in the event of breakage.
easy to maintain

Easy To Maintain

Residential window film is a practical solution and a functional alternative to expensive blinds or glazing replacements. Residential window film doesn’t require special cleaning, meaning that you can only wipe it with a wet sponge or a moist cloth.